March 14, 2020


As we're all at home for the next wee while I thought it would be a good time to talk to our kids about health and wellbeing; to start conversations about positive mental health as well as physical health.

I have put together some printable downloads to help get things started. These are all based on helping our kids choose a positive mindset and to help them to feel confident, strong and happy being themselves.


 The first two are gratitude print outs to help get into a good mindset. Gratitude helps us to stay in the present moment and turns what we have into enough.

The third one is on recognising what we like about ourselves. 'I am' are two of the most powerful words in the world so choosing something good to put after them is very important.

Downlaod here: Gratitude Flower, Gratitude Jar, I AM

 These next two downloads are about looking at what food we eat and what our talents and gifts are. It always good to know what we are good at, it helps to build our self confidence and be able to focus our strengths. 

Download here: Healthy Dinner, Strengths and talents

 Hope you have fun doing them, Dawn xx

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