Find Your Passions & Purpose

- next course starts 6th October 2021 at 8pm

- Series of 6 x 90 minute online workshops

- Biweekly for 12 weeks

Finding your Passions and Purpose is all about you. It's all about finding out who you really are, underneath all the social conditioning, the everyday lists and the labels we think we are. This course is about giving yourself the space and time that you deserve!

Don't you deserve to live a life that is fulfilled and happy? Don't you deserve to do what you love? Don't you deserve to give your soul the freedom it craves? This doesn't have to be about career or work. You don't have to make earth shattering changes to your life. This is all about becoming more in line with who you really are. You just need to take a step towards it. 

With 6 workshops over 12 weeks this course is designed to find out the answers to these questions. It's a 90 day process to help you make and sustain real change. The workshops are a mix of creative journalling, meditations and many different tools to help you to be the real you, the unapologetic you, the confident you. 

Each workshop has a different theme that will become building blocks to achieving our ultimate goal, finding out what it is you want and going for it. 

There is nothing like being surrounded by likeminded people. Feel the support and empowerment of being part of a female community all working towards our goals and dreams. 

Each week we will also have a speaker who has found their passion and purpose. It is so inspiring to hear other people's stories, hear their struggles and their joys. This has been such a wonderful addition to the course and a chance to ask the questions that we are curious about. 

Speakers for 2021 from 6th October, every second Weds at 8pm:

Speakers are:

Jennifer Pekaar - Jewellery designer and former participant of this course.

Karina Fee - Meditation teacher, aromatherapist, life coach @karinafeelgood 

Gemma Kingston -  Teacher and owner of online family hub @thefamilyedit 

Sinead Halford - Yoga and Breathwork teacher @yogahomegorey

Jane Walker - Owner of Happy Cubs, swim and music classes for toddlers

Deirdre Michel - Mindset, mindfulness, meditation and NLP Coach @breathe_smile_appreciate 


Week One: Focus

This week it's all about finding out what our passions are, they will lead us to our purpose. Through an evening of practical journalling questions and meditation we will delve into what lights us up. Don't worry if this doesn't become clear immediately, sometimes it takes a bit more digging to get to the diamonds. 

Week Two: Clarity

It's all about getting clear. Where do we want to go? What do we want to do? How do we want to feel? Let's allow ourselves the space to process all the information we gathered in the first week in order to work out what we want in the future. 

Week Three: Vision

This is where we get down to brass tacks. We'll gather magazines, type, photos, anything that will help us create the best vision board we can for our goals. Our boards and the visualising meditation will strengthen our brains to connect with the picture of what we want to bring in to our lives.  

Week Four: Letting Go

Sometimes we know what we want but somehow it's not working. This week is about identifying any blocks we may have around our goals. Is a limiting belief around money stopping you form going for your dream work? Is there an untrue story that you repeat to yourself about why you can't reach your goal? Is fear of failure paralysing you and stopping you moving forward. We will look at all of these and what tools we can use to help overcome them. 

Week Five: Action

It's all well and good knowing what we want but are we doing anything about it? This week we will focus on what steps we need to take to start moving towards what we want. We'll cover things like overwhelm, procrastination and productivity to keep you on track.   

Week Six: Align

This week is all about stepping into who you really are. To attract what we want into our lives, we need to align with it. We will look at lots of tools and techniques to help and support you in reaching for the life that you want to live. 


If you would like to chat more on the phone about joining Find your Passions & Purpose please email and we can arrange a call.



Dawn delivers a fun and heart-warming course that gives you the tools to fearlessly strive towards the life you want to live. Thank you so much Dawn. Sinead x


I wanted to drop a wee line to say thank you so very much for all your time over the last 12 weeks. I loved meeting on Wednesdays with you and the ladies. 

I found the course so helpful to touch base with myself and discover further where my joys and passions lie. When you do the work - a pattern arises and points you in a certain direction, I am still not full sure what my ‘Devine’ path is, but am leaning into that, and it does not need to be definitive, set in stone or an eureka moment. (I think I am still secretly hoping that will happen for me... trying to quieten the logical analytical ego side of me...) 

So I am a work in progress so to speak but certainly clearer on what I don’t want or need in my life, starting to set boundaries and trying to keep them. 

 Irene 2020

Thank you so much for the last twelve weeks. I will really miss the feeling I got throughout the sessions and the weeks after. The course is perfect in so many ways; the speakers, the timings, the content, the conversation. Something really resonated with me each week and I came away feeling very inspired after each session. The course doesn't put pressure on you to overshare, I always felt so relaxed and comfortable and thought that made it easy to really take in the information and apply it to my life. A huge benefit I've noticed since beginning the course is that I have started to lean in to the small things I enjoy in life and have made a conscious effort to do them more often. I can't fully sum up how great the course has truly been but it has been such a pleasure to be part of and you're really doing something amazing! 

Denise 2021

Thanks again for hosting such a good course. My feedback is all-positive really - I very much enjoyed the course content as a whole. There was a lot packed into each session and the speakers were really interesting and inspiring ladies. I think that the intertwining of the practical and the spiritual side of things by including the meditations along with the slide info is lovely. I found the whole experience very positive and uplifting. Also, as I mentioned before, the group were a lovely bunch - very warm and funny people.

Sinead 2021

Thanks so much for offering this course. It definitely helped me get through the last couple of months. Given that I'm rapidly closing in on 51 my objectives in doing the course were probably a little different to everyone else's! I'm not looking to make any radical changes. However, there's a quote from a book I read a long, long time ago that has always stuck with me. I think it might be from a Stephen King novel. One of the characters says that she's too old to start over but too young to think that this is it. That sums it up perfectly for me and is why I signed up. It's given me tools to help focus on me and what changes I can introduce to my life, especially the things that bring me joy. 

Time to get back to being Lorraine again and not just Lorraine the wife, daughter, sister, manager etc.