I became a life coach and NLP practitioner because I wanted to share what I had learnt. The tools and knowledge that I now have as part of my training, benefit me every single day. It's like I put together my own 'toolkit for life' and it changes daily to meet my needs. The only thing is, I just wish I had learnt it all sooner. 

That's why I love helping parents and children find the right tools and resources for them. Whether it's growing self confidence, getting over fears or building resilience, I want to help. Imagine if we all had the resources and knowledge to help ourselves? How much easier would life be?


I work on a 1:1 basis either meeting in person or through Skype depending on your location. The session will last one hour.


Below are some testimonials from people that I have worked with through My Higher Shelf:


Hello Dawn, I"ve been meaning to message you to update you about how your book recommendations went. Well we have been reading them all- to be honest I was wondering was any of it going in. And then I signed him up to a little wellness class near us- meditation relaxation mindfulness etc. At first he panicked as usual said he was too shy too nervous etc but then out of nowhere he said 'No, i will do this" (and he puts his fingers together a la the bressie book) smiled and said then "I will be ok"!!
Im sitting outside his second class- I dont even have to go in he goes in without me!!!! He loves it!! He calls it his 'not shy class'!!! I have to thank you Dawn because without the 'home work' and reading you suggested we would have never got here!! Thank you Dawn!!



Dawn thank you sooooo much- Milo is doing so much better!! Skips into school so happy . Did affirmations and stepping into the day- completely worked! Delighted with himself! You should have seen his last Friday- he clenched his little fists and said ‘I can do this’ and marched into school