Coaching 1:1


I became a Life Coach and NLP Practitioner because I wanted to share what I had learnt. The tools and knowledge that I now have as part of my training, benefit me every single day. It's like I put together my own 'toolkit for life' and it changes daily to meet my needs. The only thing is, I just wish I had learnt it all sooner. 

Imagine if we all had the resources and knowledge to help ourselves? How much easier would life be?

That's why I love helping people find the right tools and resources for them, whether it's growing self confidence, building resilience, overwhelm with work or ideas, or trying to figure out what it is you want.



I work on a 1:1 basis and currently, I am working online. The session will last one hour and the cost is €60 online. 

I also run a group coaching workshop called Find Your Passions & Purpose that runs six nights over the space of twelve weeks. These courses are for people who want to make changes in their life but enjoy working in a collective. This can be a hugely supportive and encouraging environment to develop personally. You can find out more about Find Your Passions & Purpose here.

If you would like more information about either 1:1 or group coaching please don't hesitate to contact me by email dawn@myhighershelf or call 086 2285728. 



I'm very passionate about helping children manage their emotions and buiId resilience. Anxiety, worry, lack of confidence and self esteem can effect a child from an early age. What I want to do is help parents to support themselves and their children in the best way they can and that is why I have set up a Family Self Care course. 

It is a powerful combination of 4 x 60 minutes online workshops for Mums that help you learn tips and tools to support and empower you and your family. 

It can be overwhelming to be a parent and sometimes self care is the furthest thing from our minds. Just getting through the day till bedtime can be a struggle if we are not looking after ourselves.

As parents, all we want is to give our kids a happy and healthy life. By giving them the tools to help them manage their emotions and build resilience, we will be gifting them the best start we can. What would it be like if we equipped ourselves and our kids with the knowledge to do this? What would life be like if we taught them to love themselves for who they really are? That's the kind of world that I want to live in!

Please don't hesitate to email or call 086 2285728 to chat further about this. 



  • Diploma in Life Coaching with the IPPS Life Coach training programme.
  • A graduate of the Society of NLP - Licensed NLP Practitioner + Licensed Master Practitioner.
  • Reiki Level 1 & 2
  • Currently studying Creative Mindfulness for Kids Teaching Course



    Below are some testimonials from people that I have worked with through My Higher Shelf:

    Dawn I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed our 1:1 life
    coaching sessions. I didn't know where to start. I was generally a
    bit flat about life until I spoke to you. Within our first session you
    helped me tease out what I was interested in, where I needed to double
    down and explore a bit more and you spoke to me about something that I
    had locked away from 30 years of Corporate work.....creativity. I
    tried meditation for the first time, recorded my own affirmations and
    generally started to feel more cheerful than I had been in a long,
    long time. I'm so grateful for everything. Thanks Dawn.


    Hello Dawn, I"ve been meaning to message you to update you about how your book recommendations went. Well we have been reading them all- to be honest I was wondering was any of it going in. And then I signed him up to a little wellness class near us- meditation relaxation mindfulness etc. At first he panicked as usual said he was too shy too nervous etc but then out of nowhere he said 'No, i will do this" (and he puts his fingers together a la the Bressie book) smiled and said then "I will be ok"!!
    Im sitting outside his second class- I dont even have to go in he goes in without me!!!! He loves it!! He calls it his 'not shy class'!!! I have to thank you Dawn because without the 'home work' and reading you suggested we would have never got here!! 

    Clare (Meath)

    Dawn thank you sooooo much- Milo is doing so much better!! Skips into school so happy . Did affirmations and stepping into the day- completely worked! Delighted with himself! You should have seen his last Friday- he clenched his little fists and said ‘I can do this’ and marched into school  

    Jen (Dublin)

    Dear Dawn,
    Thank You so much for taking the time to recommend some books for me to read with Noah. The books have helped so much with his transition to preschool, in particular, I am Brave and Lulu Goes to Nursery. Noah also loves The Magic Moment. He is excited going to Preschool and I am so happy that he is happy and enjoying it. 
    I am also beyond grateful for your email with suggestions and affirmations to do with Noah. It was a lovely way to bond with him before his preschool journey started. So I just want to say a big Thank You and I am sending you a huge virtual hug. You have helped us make this transition a lot less stressful than our attempt last year and for that I am so so grateful. 
    Elaine (Roscommon)