Family Self Care


A powerful combination of 4 x 60 minutes online workshops that help us to be a more conscious parent. You will learn tips and tools to support and empower you and your family. 

Picture yourself taking the whole family to Monart, everyone wrapped in cosy white robes, listening to the relaxing music, taking in the serene surroundings. Blissful…until the kids start boxing the heads off each other or you’re youngest gets into the essential oils, slips through your fingers and crashes into the flower display in reception. Relaxing right? Yeah. That’s definitely not it. 

Family Self Care is simple. It’s learning ways, tips and tools to support you and your family’s wellbeing. Whether you’re a family of two, four or eight, it’s helping them, as they grow to manage emotions, build resilience and be happy being their awesome selves. As parents, that’s what we all want isn’t it? To teach our kids that it’s okay to feel things deeply and to love themselves just as they are. To grow up with the skills and tools to take care of themselves.

Being a parent can be overwhelming and sometimes self care is the furthest thing from our minds. Just getting through the day till bedtime can be a struggle if we are not looking after ourselves. What would it be like if we equipped ourselves and our kids with the knowledge to do this? What would life be like if we taught them to love themselves for who they really are? That's the kind of world that I want to live in!

Where do we start?

1. It all starts with us.
Children learn from us. They watch what we do, listen to how we talk, feel how we feel. We're their role models. In this workshop we will be taking a look at our own beliefs, our words and our self care and find out how we can improve our wellbeing to support ourselves and our kids better.

2. Being Present.

How often are we really present? Life is so busy and our to do lists are never-ending. In this workshop we will be looking at tools to help calm overwhelm and grow peace and ease in our lives. 

In a world where anxiety in children is on the increase daily, showing our kids how to be present is one of the best gifts we can give. It helps them focus on the now and not be tied up in the past or jumping to the future. Being in the here and now helps children be grateful for what they have in their lives and in turn increases happiness and contentment. 

3. Building Resilience and Confidence.
This one is huge. Building our own and our children's confidence can have a huge impact on our lives. With a few simple and valuable tools and techniques we can see confidence grow in a matter of weeks. 

Teaching our kids ways to grow their confidence and resilience can have a big impact on their lives. It helps them believe in themselves and their abilities more. By helping them focus on their strengths and talents they will have the confidence to be happy being themselves and go for what they want in life.

4. Sensitive Kids.
Some of our children are more sensitive than others. They feel much more deeply and are more aware of other people's hurt. No one likes to see their child upset so this can be hard for the parent and for the child.

However, sensitivity is a superpower when you know how to use it, so in this is workshop we tailor our own Family Toolkit to support our sensitive kids. 

    4 x 1 hour workshops with as many tools as we can pack in to help big and small with their emotional wellbeing.

    - A downloadable PDF booklet for each workshop containing all the tools mentioned and more.

    - Meditations to download for Mum and for children.  
      - The confidence and knowledge to support yourself and your family's wellbeing.


      Your investment is €25 for one workshop or €80 for all four until Dec 20th 2021


      1. IT STARTS WITH US:  Weds 20th January 2020 @8pm 

      2. BE PRESENT: Weds 3rd February 2020 @8pm 

      3. BUILDING RESILIENCE: Weds 17th February 2020 @8pm 

      4. SENSITIVE KIDS: Weds 3rd March 2020 @8pm 

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