Welcome to My Higher Shelf.

I'm Dawn: BIG on ideas, former graphic designer and interior designer, reader, mother, pun lover and passionate about creativity and wellbeing.

Life is generally good. But sometimes it takes us on a bit of a journey, throwing us circumstances that make us feel like we’re sinking without a lifebuoy. This is where building resilience helps. Whether it's through books that we read, courses that we take or tools that we learn. It all helps. This is essentially what self-help is. It’s about not allowing yourself to sink. It’s about taking charge of your wellbeing and doing something about it, even if this is the last thing on earth you feel like doing. 


The best place to find help is at the end of your arm.
(Swedish proverb) 


In helping ourselves we also help others.

Our kids for example. We change, they change. I grew up a sensitive child but being sensitive is hugely powerful and if I had known then what I know now it would have made life a whole lot easier. That's why I am passionate about helping you and your children become resilient and confident. I look at my own daughter and ask myself how can I help her navigate life's crazy adventures? The best thing for me to do is work on myself. It's like osmosis, the more our kids are exposed to us responding rather than reacting, taking time for ourselves and setting boundaries, the more they will do this for themselves.

So, imagine if we gave ourselves and our kids these tools and knowledge.

Imagine if we empowered ourselves and them by cultivating the right mindset and ability to overcome problems.

The good news is we can do a lot of this through easy tools, shifting our thoughts and becoming aware of the world that is our monkey mind. It can make incredible changes to our own and our children's world.

If you are interested in learning more about 1:1 coaching or any of the courses I run such as Find Your Passions, Family Self Care or my weekly guided meditation evening, Soul Society in Gorey please get in touch by email or by phone 086 2285728.


  • Diploma in Life Coaching with the IPPS Life Coach training programme.
  • A graduate of the Society of NLP - Licensed NLP Practitioner + Licensed Master Practitioner.
  • Reiki Level 1 & 2
  • Currently studying Creative Mindfulness for Kids Teaching Course