"Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes. Even you." - Anne Lamott

It's time to take time for yourself.

How would you like to cocoon yourself in a warm blanket, turn off the days thoughts and relax for an hour?

From 26th October I will be hosting a group gathering where we will be doing guided meditation and relaxation. It's cosy story time but for grown ups : ) As with all good gatherings there will be time for tea, biscuits and chats.

I was lucky enough to get a spot at the gorgeous Olive room in The Palms Well-being Centre, The Avenue in Gorey. So from 8pm till 9pm on a Thursday eve, you will find me there. Yoga mats, cushions and blankets are all provided but if you'd like to bring your own, please do. A journal, pen and cosy socks are also handy to have in case you need them.

You can message me, Dawn on 086 2285728, DM @myhighershelf on instagram or email to book a place. €12 for the hour class or €60 for a block of six classes.

Look forward to seeing you there x