Restore 1:1 Sessions

Dawn I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed our 1:1 life
coaching sessions. I didn't know where to start. I was generally a
bit flat about life until I spoke to you. Within our first session you
helped me tease out what I was interested in, where I needed to double
down and explore a bit more and you spoke to me about something that I
had locked away from 30 years of Corporate work.....creativity. I
tried meditation for the first time, recorded my own affirmations and
generally started to feel more cheerful than I had been in a long,
long time. I'm so grateful for everything. Thanks Dawn.



Find Your Passions and Purpose Testimonials.

Thanks so much for offering this course. It definitely helped me get through the last couple of months. 
Given that I'm rapidly closing in on 51 my objectives in doing the course were probably a little different to everyone else's! I'm not looking to make any radical changes. However, there's a quote from a book I read a long, long time ago that has always stuck with me. I think it might be from a Stephen King novel 😂. One of the characters says that she's too old to start over but too young to think that this is it. That sums it up perfectly for me and is why I signed up. It's given me tools to help focus on me and what changes I can introduce to my life, especially the things that bring me joy. 


Thank you so much for the last twelve weeks. I will really miss the feeling I got throughout the sessions and the weeks after. The course is perfect in so many ways; the speakers, the timings, the content, the conversation. Something really resonated with me each week and I came away feeling very inspired after each session. The course doesn't put pressure on you to overshare, I always felt so relaxed and comfortable and thought that made it easy to really take in the information and apply it to my life. A huge benefit I've noticed since beginning the course is that I have started to lean in to the small things I enjoy in life and have made a conscious effort to do them more often. I can't fully sum up how great the course has truly been but it has been such a pleasure to be part of and you're really doing something amazing!



Thanks again for hosting such a good course. My feedback is all-positive really - I very much enjoyed the course content as a whole. There was a lot packed into each session and the speakers were really interesting and inspiring ladies. I think that the intertwining of the practical and the spiritual side of things by including the meditations along with the slide info is lovely. I found the whole experience very positive and uplifting. Also, as I mentioned before, the group were a lovely bunch - very warm and funny people.


Thanks so much once again for running the course - I really loved it! It sparked a lot of joy and energy. I do believe it impacted on other parts of my life in a positive manner. I also plan to go back over the course material again in the coming months. 
Things I loved:
  • The feeling of a like-minded tribe of women - I loved that 
  • The speakers - they were really inspirational and the Q&A parts were really interesting, sparked a lot of ideas for me 
  • The coaching and meditation - great content 
  • I thought it was great value for money 
I'm really glad I did the course and would definitely do another one. 




"I recently completed a course with Dawn on Family Self Care. It was wonderful. I learned so many useful easy to apply skills that help me support myself to be the best parent I can be and support my family with all there various needs. Dawn also has a lovely supply and recommendations for different resources that are really age appropriate for different things that crop up when being a parent. For me it was ways on how to support my 7yr old to gain more confidence in himself. He now is using a lovely confidence workbook and affirmation cards that are perfect for his age. Do yourself and your family a favour and sign up to a course that resonates with your needs."


Hello Dawn, I"ve been meaning to message you to update you about how your book recommendations went. Well we have been reading them all- to be honest I was wondering was any of it going in. And then I signed him up to a little wellness class near us- meditation relaxation mindfulness etc. At first he panicked as usual said he was too shy too nervous etc but then out of nowhere he said 'No, i will do this" (and he puts his fingers together a la the Bressie book) smiled and said then "I will be ok"!!
Im sitting outside his second class- I dont even have to go in he goes in without me!!!! He loves it!! He calls it his 'not shy class'!!! I have to thank you Dawn because without the 'home work' and reading you suggested we would have never got here!! 

Clare (Meath)

Dawn thank you sooooo much- Milo is doing so much better!! Skips into school so happy . Did affirmations and stepping into the day- completely worked! Delighted with himself! You should have seen his last Friday- he clenched his little fists and said ‘I can do this’ and marched into school  

Jen (Dublin)

Dear Dawn,
Thank You so much for taking the time to recommend some books for me to read with Noah. The books have helped so much with his transition to preschool, in particular, I am Brave and Lulu Goes to Nursery. Noah also loves The Magic Moment. He is excited going to Preschool and I am so happy that he is happy and enjoying it. 
I am also beyond grateful for your email with suggestions and affirmations to do with Noah. It was a lovely way to bond with him before his preschool journey started. So I just want to say a big Thank You and I am sending you a huge virtual hug. You have helped us make this transition a lot less stressful than our attempt last year and for that I am so so grateful. 
Elaine (Roscommon)