Letting Go


Tuesday 29th September @ 8pm


We all have things we want to let go of. 

Untrue stories we tell ourselves. Limiting beliefs that stop us doing the things we want. Things we regret saying or doing. It's time to release these old outdated programs and start afresh.

It's time to let them go. 

From the day we are born till the age of 7, we form our beliefs about ourselves, the people around us and the world. We are told, overhear and observe things that all piece together to make the story that we call life. Can you imagine a seven year old's version of this world? Do you think it would be rational? Do you think these beliefs would be true? Of course not and yet all of these beliefs can affect us our whole lives unless we stop them.

The first step is becoming aware of these limits. When you know what you are working with, it makes it a hell of a lot easier to let go. This is why I am hosting a monthly online workshop to help and support us make the changes, to release the old patterns that keep us small.

Each month we will be looking at our beliefs around different themes such as our Bodies, Money, Love and Forgiveness, along with many more. During the hour workshop we will see where these conclusions came from and how we can release and change them. I will lead everyone through a guided meditation to support you in letting go. You can expect some journalling, meditations that you can replay afterwards and tools to help form our new and more positive beliefs.

What you will get:

- a 1 hour long themed workshop

- to be part of a likeminded personal development community

- a meditation each month on our chosen theme to listen to

- A downloadable page of tools to help you through releasing and changing your beliefs

It's all about becoming the most brilliant version of yourself that you can imagine because that is the real you, the one you are almost afraid to imagine. Let her out, let her shine. 

If you're ready to do the work, you will be rewarded. Life will begin to change in the most transformative ways. 



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