Mind Yourself Monthly


I don't know about you but 2020 has been a year of realisations and a year of prioritising. Our nervous systems have been in overdrive and we need to slow down. We need to mind ourselves, ramp up the self care and carve out time for us.

This is a once a month gathering that focuses on exactly that. SELF CARE.

Part relaxation class/part book club. So if you like reading books like Brené Brown, Elizabeth Gilbert, Glennon Doyle etc, this is for you. Each month will be themed but it's all focused on us having the nicest time possible. Get cosy, wrap yourself in blankets in a quiet place in your home. Light a candle and take a deep breath. 

There will be creative journalling, relaxing guided meditation and tools to help us in times of need. 


- a 1 hour long themed workshop

- to be part of a likeminded personal development community

- a meditation each month on our chosen theme to listen to

- A downloadable page of tools to help you 

It's all about giving our bodies, our nervous systems and our busy minds a rest. Let it all go and take that hour, once a month, for you


Next gathering is Tues 20th October @ 8pm. For tickets please click here.

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