This Is How I Do It Activity Book

Chronicle Books

Matt Lamothe

One Day in the Life of You and 59 Real Kids from Around the World

Building on the success of the internationally acclaimed This Is How We Do It, this activity book invites readers to document their lives and daily rituals alongside 59 real kids. Complete with sticker sheets, punch-out postcards, and a fold-out map, this interactive activity book will get kids writing, drawing, sharing, and learning about cultures and countries other than their own. Even the die-cut cover can be personalized, creating a keepsake time capsule to treasure.

Great for ages 7+
Dawn Says:

This would be a fantastic gift book for any kid who loves finding out about other people and cultures. It's fascinating to see how each child differs in their daily life. With the activity book you can draw in what you do which may be similar or different to the other kids. There are also stickers and postcards at the back for extra fun. Winner!

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