It's Not What You've Got

Hay House

by Wayne Dyer

Lessons for kids on money and abundance.

Internationally renowned author Wayne Dyer continues his series of inspirational works for children as he offers a positive, spiritual approach to the meaning of money for kids. It's Not What You've Got addresses the topics of money and abundance, with the understanding that children's earliest thoughts and perceptions about money will last throughout their lives. The concepts presented in this beautifully illustrated book include: Money does not define who you are; it doesn't matter what others have, and abundance comes in many forms.

We think this is suitable for ages 4 - 8

Belle (7) says:

"It was good and it was interesting like all books. It kind of had a twist at the end when it said what you love, like family and friends is treasure. And that money is not just the only thing that you need. You also need love and everything like that. It taught me that friendship and love are the key to your own treasure chest."

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