Yes Mum Mini Cards


Yes Mum Mini Cards

Being a kid isn’t easy and often the conditioning and beliefs we create as children are responsible for the emotional baggage we lug around as adults. Negative messages from adults (even well-meaning ones) can sow the seeds for false beliefs and self-doubt, so these cards offer a quick, straightforward way for your child to access the power of positive programming and start each day with strength and self-assurance.

Place the pack on their bedside table and encourage them to turn a new card over each morning, read aloud five times and embrace for the rest of their day.

For younger children, you could explain that they are cards for strength, and that if they say them often enough they’ll have the power to become true. For older children they can be used for specific issues, so if they’re having a hard time learning a new skill or with homework, pick out “I can do difficult things” and encourage them to recite it until they feel stronger.

A simple habit of positive thoughts will help establish a happy mindset, and this will directly affect the way your child experiences the world around them. The more they tell themselves something, the more they will believe it, and ultimately the more they will live by it.

One pack contains 31 yesmum® affirmation cards.

Comes in a clear box with instruction card.

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