Soul Society Manifesting

My Higher Shelf


What would it be like to spend 3 blissful hours focusing on what you want to attract into your life? What would it be like to step into a space where you can allow that to happen? Soul Society have come together to bring together a magical morning of manifesting in the gorgeous surroundings of Herbert Park.

There will be some deep and relaxing meditations with gorgeous oil blends from Karina to heighten our senses and raise our vibrations. Merle will be using her expert crystal knowledge to help us choose the right crystals and teaching us about manifesting rituals. Dawn will be using her coaching and NLP skills to help us release any blocks that are stopping us reaching our full potential and to step into that amazing place where we attract what we desire. 

You will also be going home with magical oil blend, manifesting set of 4 crystals with palo santo stick and a motivational postcard to keep you focused on your dreams.

There will be a light brunch with tea/coffee and chats and we ask that you bring a notebook and yoga mat as there will be much list making.

What we will be doing in the 3 hours:

+ Aligning and balancing ourselves 

+ Clearing any self limiting beliefs and subconscious blocks

+ Stepping into the perfect vibration to attract what we want into our lives

+ Relaxing and raising our vibes

+ Having fun

Where: The Hive Building, Herbert Park, 10.3am  till 1.30pm