My Little Gifts

Abrams Appleseed

Jo Witek and Christine Roussey

There are many types of gifts. You can give a big, shiny, wrapped gift on Christmas morning, but you can also give the gifts of your help or your time. You can bake a cake for your parents or share what you learned in school with your little sister. You can help a friend unravel a knotty bracelet or smile at a stranger who looks sad. With a spirit of generosity, you’ll find you have many gifts to give to the world—and that giving can be even more fulfilling than receiving. Featuring a die-cut cover and interior flaps throughout, My Little Gifts celebrates the gift of giving.

Great for ages 3+ and a great gift book

Dawn says:

I love these books by Jo Witek and Christine Roussey. They are always fun, sweet and meaningful. The illustrations are beautiful and the pull outs add a fun element for little ones. This book celebrates gratitude and giving and the power of generosity and thoughtfulness. A gorgeous gem!

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