DK Books

Brenda Kearney

Meet Finn the fisherman and his dog, Skip, in this illustrated story book for young children that teaches them about plastic pollution and recycling.

All Finn wants is to catch a nice, tasty fish for his dinner but no matter how hard he tries all he seems to catch at the end of his fishing line is other people's rubbish. At the end of the day, Finn and his dog Skip go home with a full boat, but with empty tummies. However, they soon find a way to put the rubbish they have found to good use...

This book is the ideal introduction to the environmental concerns facing our oceans for children, featuring colorful illustrations and an engaging, light-hearted storyline. Grown-ups and children will enjoy reading together and following the story of Finn and Skip with its ups and downs, and pointing out all the different pieces of rubbish that Finn catches in the ocean in the detailed illustrations.

With its attractive illustrations, Fish is the perfect addition to a child's bookshelf. Young readers will love this picture book with a timely and ultimately uplifting message.

Great for ages 3 - 6

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