Creche Life Stages 1

My Higher Shelf

A great collection of four fun, sweet and helpful books that covers being polite, being patient, sharing and first day of school.

I'll Wait Mr Panda:

This delicious picture book combines stunning art, an unforgettable panda and a hilarious lesson in good manners.

Chu's First Day:

Chu is a little panda with a BIG sneeze and when his first day at school approaches he is nervous. Will the other boys and girls be nice? Will they like Chu? A fabulously warm and funny story about little Chu and his enormous sneeze!

That Fruit is Mine:

Five goofy, greedy elephants are up against five teeny-tiny mice in this hilarious picture book about sharing and teamwork.

Please Mr Panda:

Brilliant, simple and very funny picture book to help show children the benefits of being polite. Total toddler must have!

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