Creche Empowering 0 - 2 years

My Higher Shelf

A selection of four empowering books about life stages for 0 - 2 years.

I Sleep in a Big Bed:

Every child's life is filled with milestones. Some happen easily; others need a little extra support. Great book for helping children understand the changes that come with growing up.

On My Potty:

With pitch-perfect humour and pacing, Leslie Patricelli follows one baby's thoughts and hilarious actions as they learn to use the potty for the first time.

I Know A Lot:

The third book in the series address the "small wins" of growing just a little bit older. Young children will revel in the encouraging text and vibrant illustrations.

I Am So Brave:

This fourth book in the empowerment series celebrates the feats of growing out of toddlerhood with courage and success.

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