Creative Being Installment Option

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 Installments payments as follows:
  • €100 on booking
  • €100 July 1st
  • €50 Aug 1st

Creative . Conscious . Community

Do you want to bring more creativity into your life? 

Would you like to learn to listen to your intuition more?

What would it be like to feel more fulfilled?

How about doing all this with a group of likeminded people?


Creative Being is a creative personal development course. It's a little bit creative,  a little bit spiritual and a lot of being in the flow. 

Sometimes you need a course, community or someone to hold you accountable. You have all the ideas, all the good intentions, maybe even a little bit of motivation but where do you start? How do you move past that procrastination and self doubt by yourself? It can be daunting. That's why I have set up Creative Being

This course is a creative coaching course to help you to listen to your intuition and ideas. Sometimes we are so busy we don't give ourselves the time or the space to let those seeds of genius in. Well, this is the time and this is the kick in the ass that we all need now and again. 

We will have:

8 evening sessions in total:

- Four evening sessions over 2 months where we have guest speakers and cover a different topic every night. (90 mins)

- Four evening catch up sessions x 30 mins

- Quick (optional) Monday morning intention setting session every week. (15 mins)

- Guest speakers to share how they get in the flow. 

- Creative exercises to get inspiration moving.

- Creative Being Toolkit that will contain printable worksheets, intention setting sheets and planners.

- A conscious creative community to chat, support, inspire and share ideas. (sharing not mandatory)  

- Meditations to support you and get you in the flow. 

- A private Instagram page for group inspiration. 


Guest Speakers:
  • Yvonne Leon - Artist @yvonneleonceramics
  • Tarsila Kruse - Illustrator and author @tarsilakruse
  • Kate Gunn - Author @katetakes5
  • Liz Walsh - Artist and Printmaker @29bridestreet
 Topics will include:
  • Making space for creativity
  • Intuition and creativity
  • Limiting beliefs and blocks
  • Ego vs creativity
  • Play and creativity
  • Wellbeing and creativity
  • Being seen


    Who is this course for?

    • You don’t feel like you are creative but want to be.
    • You know you are creative but can’t seem to find the time to do it.
    • You feel like you need to bring more creativity into your life.
    • You need some motivation.
    • You want to open and strengthen your intuition.
    • You want to be part of a creative conscious community.
    • You want to held accountable.
    • You want to feel more connected in your life.


    Who is this course not for?

    • If you find yourself cringing when someone mentions the words 'The Universe.'
    • Or roll your eyes at the thought of meditating, then this might not be for you ; )


    Starts: Weds 26th May @ 8pm

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