ABC Yoga


Christiane Engel

The 26 yoga poses, one for each letter of the alphabet, are renamed for easy recognition, while an index at the end of the book identifies the correct name for each asana (yoga pose) for the adults. Among them:

  • Armadillo (extended child's pose)
  • Butterfly (cobbler)
  • Dog (downward facing dog)
  • Whale (bridge)
  • Yak (cow)

The charming pictures and playful rhymes encourage children and their parents to get up and move, promoting physical activity, learning, and togetherness. With endearing illustrations and mindful concepts, the ABC for Me series pairs each letter of the alphabet with words that promote big dreams and healthy living.

Great for ages 2+
Dawn Says:

Both ABC Mindful Me and ABC Yoga are fantastic books for introducing mindful skills and tools to children at a very early age. Imagine our children growing up learning that deep breaths help us in times of worry or stress or that yoga is great for helping to take care of both our minds and bodies. How good would that be?

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