Sensitive Kids


Some of our children are more sensitive than others. They feel much more deeply and are more aware of other people's hurts. As a parent this can be hard for us to see our kids feel so much and also challenging to our own emotional wellbeing, especially if we are a sensitive parent ourselves. However with the right tools and understanding life can become a whole lot easier. 

Sensitivity is a superpower when you know how to use it, so in this is workshop we tailor our own Family Toolkit to help with everyone's wellbeing.


What we will go through.

  • What the general characteristics of a highly sensitive child are.
  • How we, as parents can support our children.
  • How we can support ourselves to help us stay balanced and maintain the ability to nurture our child's sensitivities.
  • What tools we can teach our kids to empower and help them be confidence in themselves. 
    - 90 minute online recorded workshop with as many tools as we can pack in to help big and small with their emotional wellbeing.

    - A downloadable PDF booklet containing all the tools we need to support ourselves and our kids.

    - Meditation to download for Mum and for child.  
      - The confidence and knowledge to support yourself and your family's wellbeing.



      31st March @ 8pm


      Your investment is €25 for this workshop

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