Workshops & Classes

 Here are some of the events we run. Keep an eye out for more as we are always coming up with new ideas ; ) 



As a co-parent myself, I decided it was high time to put on a workshop for parents who are single/separated/divorced or co-parenting.

This positive afternoon will be all about self-care, empowerment and connection. We will start with a short, relaxing guided meditation, then we will go through a range of simple everyday tools will that help us be our best self and the best parent or co parent that we can be. It will also be a chance to meet new people who may be in similar situations and connect with each other through coffee, cake and chats. 

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This is our monthly guided meditation evening with crystal guidance from the wonderful Merle O'Grady. It's a wonderful restorative evening of relaxation and connection. Each month we set a different theme that we would like to work on such as gratitude or setting intentions. This night is all about self care and taking time out for yourself.

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Three wonderful hours of raising our vibrations, releasing blocks and unlimited beliefs and focusing on what we want to attract into our lives. 

In the gorgeous surroundings of Herbert Park we will come together to meditate with oil blends and learn how to do manifesting rituals with crystals. We will pause for a light brunch, coffee and chats and we will get into that space where we will attract what we want into our lives.

Everyone will leave with their own 4 crystal manifesting kit along with a beautiful oil blend and a A6 motivational print to keep you in that powerful state of attracting what you want. 

Run by Merle O' Grady, crystal thereapist, Karina Fee, oil expert and Dawn Nolan, life coach and NLP practitioner.

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Being a Mum is like riding an emotional rollercoaster every single day and sometimes not all those emotions are ours. Managing our own emotions and then trying to help our little ones with theirs can be exhausting. We all do our best but sometimes we might need a little help.

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