Dare - Group Coaching



- Do you find yourself craving change in your life?

- Do you love being part of a group dynamic? Encouraging and supporting each other?

- Would you like to devote time to yourself where you can truly get clear on you what you want?


DARE is a truly rewarding 90 day group coaching course where you get clear on what you want in a fun, supportive and encouraging environment. Inspiring you to create the life you want to live.

It’s 6 nights over 12 weeks with the goal of making ‘real’ changes. Whatever your chosen topics: personal, health, love, career, or simply wanting to get laser-sharp insight into what these mean for you, you’ll walk away motivated to go after, and attract, what you want.



We believe that small is beautiful so our small group dynamic of no more than 6 people is deliberately created for people who love being part of a collective. In groups we find it easier to feel supported and motivated; we cheer our classmates on, we help one another, we empower each other. This is a time to connect, chat and have fun with likeminded people.

Each of the six themed nights has a different focus which are created to help you to make and sustain real change. So, if you are someone who is craving change, support and want to learn tools that will help you daily, to live a happy, creative and more fulfilling life, then this course is for you. 



It's all about focusing on what it is we are passionate about and our meditation for this week will center on discovering what this is. Don't worry if you don't know yet as we will be doing some personal journaling and work through a series of coaching questions after the meditation to help find out what it is. These are all to help tease out the answers that are inside you.

Every week we will break for a well deserved cup of tea and chats. 



After finding out what are passions are, this week we will be getting clear on what we want to do with them. This class meditation will be a journey to clarify what it is we want to put into place. There will be mind maps and lists galore this week as we need to let the Universe know exactly what direction we want to go before moving forward. This week is all about The Law of Attraction and how we can use it to manifest our goals and dreams. 


It's all about Vision this week. After we get clear then we need to start visualising so that's what this nights meditation is all about. This will be a fun and crafty week of cutting, pasting and writing our vision boards and vision statements. We want to be able to see these goals every day to imprint them in our minds. 


Sometimes we may know what we want but don't seem to be getting it. It's confusing. Why aren't these things appearing in my life when I know what it is I want?  It's usually BLOCKS; unconscious blocks or limiting beliefs that we have picked up somewhere in our lives. So, this week's meditation is all about letting those go. We will also learn how tools like meditation, journaling and tapping can help us release and get past these pesky blocks.  


It's all about action, taking action towards the life that you want to live. Our opening meditation will be a journey is moving forward and after this we will be putting plans into action...literally. Organising, planning and scheduling, lists that we can tick off and be accountable for, these will be the focus this week. 


Our final week is all about aligning. How we can stay in this positive space after the course has finished? This week our meditation will be aligning us with our true selves and our future selves. After this we will go through some invaluable tools and a list of resources to help us stay on track and be who we want to be. This will be a celebratory night of looking back, seeing how far we have come and giving ourselves a well deserved tap on the back.


I really feel that this course is going to be magical and transformational to us all. It's a course that will open us up to be the person that we already are but have possibly buried along the way. We just need the time to give her space to come forward. When we align with our real selves amazing things start to happen; opportunities begin to appear, synchronicities start to happen and life starts to flow. We become happier and more content which is what it's all about. 



Dawn Nolan is a Dublin based Life Coach and NLP Practitioner. She also runs an online wellbeing store called My Higher Shelf.com which curates the best books and tools to help adults and children to manage emotions, build resilience and live happy, inspired lives.

Dawn also runs a variety of workshops throughout the year including Self Care for Single Parents, Family Meditation workshops at Kaleidoscope Family Festival and the ever popular Soul Society a monthly meditation night in The Hive, Herbert Park. 



Dare will start on Wednesday October 2nd from 7.30pm till 9.30pm (running every second Wednesday) and finishing on Wednesday December 10th.


We are so lucky to have a lovely warm and inviting room in Oscailt, Pembroke Road, Dublin 4 as our venue for the course.


€295 for 6 nights over 12 weeks including handout material, refreshments and both personal and group support throughout.

**Early Bird offer €265**

Curious to know more? please contact Dawn by phone: 086 2285728 or by email: dawn@myhighershelf.com 

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