Living with Mum and Living with Dad


Melanie Walsh

A reassuring and simple story about separation for the very youngest children.

Mum and Dad don't live together any more, so sometimes this little girl lives with her mum and her cat, and sometimes she lives with her dad. She has two bedrooms and two sets of toys, but she takes her favourite toys with her wherever she goes. This simple, warm, lift-the-flap book with bold and colourful illustrations is a reassuring representation of separation for the youngest children. Melanie Walsh is sympathetically alive to the changes in routine that are familiar to many children who live with separate parents and are loved by both.

Belle says:

It's an open the flap book so you can see how it's like living with Mum and living with Dad. It's a great book for children whose parents live in different houses or even different countries. My experiences show me that even though my Mum and Dad live in different houses, they're still equal in my heart. 

Great read for 3 to 6 year olds

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